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Metanoia through PBB

20 Oct

Watching Pinoy Big Brother Double Up certainly is a part of my everyday routine. Come 10pm, I make sure that I am free and just in tune with the show. True enough, watching it makes me realize lots of human values and tendencies. Being an aspiring professional in the field of psychology/psychiatry (even though I graduated from Nursing), I see the reasons why Big Bro lets the hoursemates do some stuffs.

In comparison to a housemate, I think Carol is more like me. During her stint at House B, I feel like I’m on her shoes, though I want her to be really strong and to fight for what she thinks is right.

I really hate those back-stabbing housemates. They keep on telling each other bad things about another housemate, when in fact, they should try to consider their own personalities before doing so. Or if they really want to make things better, it should be proper but to confront that housemate.

Also, upon watching tonight’s episode, when I saw how welcomed Carol was at House A, I just wish that she would stay there for the rest of the show. She will be better off if she was there. The housemates at House A see her for who she really is, not judging her by mere seeing what she does not do.

In fact, I wish Kuya would read my blog and see how I get affected by the show, to the fact that I try to reflect every night with regards what I watch.

In reality, we all have personalities that we need to enhance. I understand that we are unique in every single way. But if we will be looking at how one wins in this game called Life, I guess one of the things that considers us victorious is through a fruitful change that only comes from genuine metanoia or “change of heart.”