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Why Coeline??

29 Apr

Hi there!

Welcome to my new blog. Actually, this is the second blog that I’d be active in updating. So as of now, as for the content, basically, what I am planning to include in here is regarding my featured books, music, movies, and more…

Now, if you’re wondering ‘Why Coeline??’ Well, since Celine is my name, just about 2 years ago, I’ve been thinking of an internet handle that I’d be using for about forever, maybe. And so, when I pondered, thinking what unique name might not that used in the WWW, I decided to add an ‘o’ to celine, making it coeline (pronounced as che-lin). I also happen to know someone whose name is Coeli, so, I kinda adopted the name. 🙂 Well, if you’d want to get updated, just subscribe to the RSS Feed, bookmark my page, or feel free to email me.

Have fun!