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Hugs from a Long Time Past

7 Aug

It has been some time since I last posted in here. And it really is great to be back! I have been into some think-tank adventures for a while, and yeah, it just feels great to be here again…

Well, what have I been up to these months, you ask? Okay, so if you really are interested (talk about BIG interest), I guess I can share then to you.

As you see, there’s this thing called passion which I am so into all these years — and we call this ‘writing.’ Indeed, I tried all means to develop this craft of mine and guess what, even as I honed my love for writing, I did earn some bucks through this. Let us go a bit in detail about the biz.

Based on some months of working for different clients, I learned about homebased writing jobs that will certainly pay off. I was just curious I guess, with the ongoing hub in the e-writing stint, so I gave it a try.

I started the first week of May. At that time, I was only earning 6000 pesos a month, which in fact, did not allow me to pursue such tasks because I thought that my health was being in great regard with the type of job I went into. In fact, I only lasted for 9 days. Well, it was worth the try. I learned to care for myself as well as learned about the technical stuffs in line with the craft and biz.

Come late May, I got more clients. This time, I searched some job ad sites and found my haven there. To be specific, http://www.manila.craigslist really allowed me to search jobs and even post regarding the services I offer. Through the site as such, together with, I got more clients. The multi-tasking phase soon turned in, as I managed to submit articles to different entities. This time, I was earning per project basis. For one, I got 90 pesos per 350 words. For another, it was 70 pesos for 500 words. It thus depends on the client actually.

And now, when I decided to post on craigslist, I soon encountered more clients… And this time, it was really fulfilling, for since they were international clients, I found the compensation worth my time and efforts. At this point, I was earning $3.75 per 500 words, until I increased my rate to $4.00 per 500 words. So far, these are my rates and I think with experience and time, I can go higher as the years or months pass.

I know the recession and all the crises around the world has turned in, and so did the writing biz is slightly affected. Yes, it may be just slight, as it depends upon the opportunities that we, writers are finding. But one thing I have learned from my stint as a writer of e-books, web articles, and many more, that there should still be great regard for our own capacities. I understand that employers or clients do have difficulties with their budgets, but since what is being spared here is the time and effort (talk about major thinking and crafting of ideas), the whole package that dedicated writers should not be at risk.

Hence, for writers, you know what your values are. It is up to you if you will allow advantageous clients to rob you off your real worth. Of course, you may try to consider the bountiful amount of knowledge you may be equipped with through your researches and writing, but when you still come to think about the things you will be through when you accept some projects, just ponder some more, for it is not just the money, but the whole idea of writing that is counted.


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The Little Bunny Shops

17 May

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Site to Track the Speed of your Site

1 May

The speed that your site is taking to load all its contents is very important, especially if you want your viewers to be satisfied. Hence, I’ve come across a tracker that allows us to do so.

Numion has a stopwatch that counts the time it takes to load your blog/site. As with this particular blog,  well — 7.528 seconds all in all…

For the link to the site, visit