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Panibagong Simula sa Buhay ng Potato Girl

26 Jun

Napaka-overwhelming ng mga araw na lumipas. Tila ba nananadya ang tadhana at talagang sinusubok ang aming katatagan. NAMIN??!! wHAT the??… sinong namin? ahemmm… usyusera!

Ng aming pamilya… yupp.. Isang talagang napakakahindik-hindik na pangyayari ang sumambulat sa amin kahapon. Di ko na dedetalyehin pero nabibilang na ang aming pananatili sa aming bahay. Yun. Period.

Panu nga ba naman, eh retired na nga naman si Papa, pero kung tutuusin, ang problema eh kasi, hindi continuous ang sistema. Sabi, di raw approved ang appeal namin, giving us only 7 days to vacate. Nam*$&##!! (O, kung anu anu ata iniisip mo? naman yun!)

Biruin mo.. wala man lang konsiderasyon! Kung tutuusin, mga chuchu kasi. Alam mo yun, ginagawa na namin ang lahat para makacope sa buhay, pero ganun pa. Sabagay, hindi lang naman kami ang nagkakaganito. For sure, marami pa dyang iba. Kitams!

So ngayon, ano na ang plano? Eh di magsipag, magsipag, at magsipag. Anu pa nga ba? Ipagpaliban na muna ang happy-happy at magfocus sa kung ano ang priorities. Mahirap bang intindihin yun? Di ko alam sa’yo.

Kung ako ang tatanungin, madali lang naman eh. Ang SOLUSYON: PERA.

Oo, hindi nga importante sa kaluluwa ang pera, pero pano tatakbo ang mundo kung wala nito? Ang mga tao ngayon, ang focus ay pera. Kelangang makiride. Kung hindi talo ka. Ang labanan na lang, kung tatagal ka. Kung masisikmura mong ipakain sa pamilya mo ang mga nakaw na yaman. Kami, hindi eh. Hindi nagnakaw si Papa. Yun lang yun. Kung nagnakaw siya, e di siguro general na sya ngayon at kami ay hindi namumuhay nang ganito, parang mga dagang pinapaalis sa lungga.

Well, wish us luck. Kung makapagsulat pa uli ako after 7 days, ibig sabihin nahabag ang mga mokong. wahaha!

P.S. Hindi kami dapat kaawaan. ito ay isang realidad lamang na dapat makita ng gobyerno — na kung hindi babaguhin ang sistema, hindi aasenso ang puro middle class sa Pilipinas.

P.P.S. At para sa mga walang magawa kundi manisi, itigil nio na yan. Hindi ngayon ang panahon para manisi at bumalik sa nakaraan. Bumangon at piliting magpakatao. May mga bagay na hindi inaasahan. Kung isasarado ang utak sa akala mong tama, hindi uunlad.


Hugs from a Long Time Past

7 Aug

It has been some time since I last posted in here. And it really is great to be back! I have been into some think-tank adventures for a while, and yeah, it just feels great to be here again…

Well, what have I been up to these months, you ask? Okay, so if you really are interested (talk about BIG interest), I guess I can share then to you.

As you see, there’s this thing called passion which I am so into all these years — and we call this ‘writing.’ Indeed, I tried all means to develop this craft of mine and guess what, even as I honed my love for writing, I did earn some bucks through this. Let us go a bit in detail about the biz.

Based on some months of working for different clients, I learned about homebased writing jobs that will certainly pay off. I was just curious I guess, with the ongoing hub in the e-writing stint, so I gave it a try.

I started the first week of May. At that time, I was only earning 6000 pesos a month, which in fact, did not allow me to pursue such tasks because I thought that my health was being in great regard with the type of job I went into. In fact, I only lasted for 9 days. Well, it was worth the try. I learned to care for myself as well as learned about the technical stuffs in line with the craft and biz.

Come late May, I got more clients. This time, I searched some job ad sites and found my haven there. To be specific, http://www.manila.craigslist really allowed me to search jobs and even post regarding the services I offer. Through the site as such, together with, I got more clients. The multi-tasking phase soon turned in, as I managed to submit articles to different entities. This time, I was earning per project basis. For one, I got 90 pesos per 350 words. For another, it was 70 pesos for 500 words. It thus depends on the client actually.

And now, when I decided to post on craigslist, I soon encountered more clients… And this time, it was really fulfilling, for since they were international clients, I found the compensation worth my time and efforts. At this point, I was earning $3.75 per 500 words, until I increased my rate to $4.00 per 500 words. So far, these are my rates and I think with experience and time, I can go higher as the years or months pass.

I know the recession and all the crises around the world has turned in, and so did the writing biz is slightly affected. Yes, it may be just slight, as it depends upon the opportunities that we, writers are finding. But one thing I have learned from my stint as a writer of e-books, web articles, and many more, that there should still be great regard for our own capacities. I understand that employers or clients do have difficulties with their budgets, but since what is being spared here is the time and effort (talk about major thinking and crafting of ideas), the whole package that dedicated writers should not be at risk.

Hence, for writers, you know what your values are. It is up to you if you will allow advantageous clients to rob you off your real worth. Of course, you may try to consider the bountiful amount of knowledge you may be equipped with through your researches and writing, but when you still come to think about the things you will be through when you accept some projects, just ponder some more, for it is not just the money, but the whole idea of writing that is counted.


Other sites you might want to join in:


23 May

It’s been a different week by far. It seems pretty cool too, since I’ve gotten into what I call now as a “either I stay or go” stint. The life of an ordinary potato girl has yet to go anew.

The dream of a greener pasture still lives on. But as I come to think of the consequences I would have to face if ever I would be granted the chance to fulfill my dream, I just feel uncertain.

Okay, for those of you who do not know what I’m talking about here, well, in a few days I am about to find out the verdict: whether or not I’ll be leaving the Philippines for a while to work somewhere else – where a lion stands abound, and where chewing gum is forbidden. Yes, this is Singapore.

To Singapore, where the hardworking are blessed – this is where I will be bound for if ever God wills me to. This is where I suppose I will be staying over a period of time to enhance my independence, my capabilities, and my strengths and weaknesses as a person.

Alas, when that time comes that I will be required to face challenges that a normal adult usually faces, I think that this would also be the moment when I’d be ready to proclaim without hesitation that I am truly free. All this time, when my environment has always been a friendly one, where I don’t usually stand amidst a fierce crowd, I just am laid back, knowing that I always have my parents and family beside me. But this time, if ever God grants me the chance, then I’d better be ready.

This time, I should be brave enough to survive the tough life out there. I have to learn how it is to wash my laundry without being piled up with more than what I could handle. I must also learn how to iron my clothes so as to dress according to the nature of my supposed work. In there, I must learn how to travel by myself, without fears that I won’t end up at the wrong streets. In Singapore, I must realize that all I shall earn are products of hard labor and determination.

And just like it is in life, I know that even if I do not make it there, I must really strive hard to reach my destination. No matter what it takes, and no matter what happens, I shall soon fulfill my dreams.

Yet, in our own journeys, let us not forget that there are times when we just have to bear with the consequences that are packed along our choices. As we decide, let us also try to consider that there will definitely be pros and cons. Whatever these results might be, we just have to weigh them carefully. They may turn out small, but at a later time, they may end up so large that we won’t be able to handle them anymore. Hence, along our decision-making, hopefully, we will be able to stand up, beaming, that no matter what would happen, we are ready to accept anything life has to yet to bring.

Araw ng Kabuluhan

27 Apr

Dahil sa pabago-bagong panahon dito sa Pilipinas, or at least, dito sa Timog-Katagalugan, paiba-iba rin naman ang takbo ng buhay. Mayroong mga bata sa paligid na walang magawa (halimbawa na nito ang napaka-cute kong kapatid!) kaya naman inaya niya ako kahapon kung gusto ko raw bang magpagupit sa kanya.

Aba, at pumayag naman ako! I thought trim lang talaga na konti lang. Aba, aba, aba… Makailang saglit lang eh unti-unti nang nawala ang humigit-kumulang 1.5 to 2 inches ng buhok ko. Ang gulat ko eh… Not that bad naman ang pagkakagupit niya. In fact, sige na nga. Ayos lang. Hindi naman ako nagmukhang baliw. Para sa latest photo, tingnan lamang ang pic ko sa baba. Haha!

New haircut
New haircut

Summer nga naman, at kahit umuulan-ulan ngayon, ayos na rin. Parang nagpasalon! *with matching pa-sway-sway pa!*  ..  Siguro nga, napapanahon na rin kahapon upang putulin ang mga buhok kong may split-ends.

Anyways, aside dun sa haircut, napuna kong nitong mga nakaraang araw ay tila baga napaka-makabuluhan. Siguro ay dala na rin ng eagerness na makapasa ng board exams. Pero hindi rin… Siguro bugso ito ng power of the mind. Ika nga ng mga psychological experts, “You are the most powerful magnet in the universe! You contain a magnetic power within you that is more powerful than anything in this world, and this unfathomable magnetic power is emitted through your thoughts,” (Rhonda Byrne — from

Tunay nga naman, hindi ba? Well, kung hindi ka naniniwala sa akin, nasa sa’yo yun. Ang point ko lang eh nasa atin lang talaga ang kakayanang gawin ang nais natin. Oo, at maraming maaaring humadlang. Pupwedeng may mga aksidente o hindi inaasahang pangyayaring dumarating sa buhay natin. Ngunit bukod sa mga ito, tayo lamang at TAYO lang (oo, uulitin ko… IKAW at AKO) ang may hawak ng bukas natin.


Maiba tayo… Sumagi lamang sa isip ko — napakaraming blogs talaga ngayon, at sa lahat ng mga ito, samu’t-saring mga ideya ang kanilang pinopromote. Kumbaga, bawat blog, isang produkto. Lahat may kanya-kanyang istayl. Masasabi kong sa buong blogging life ko, marami na akong naging inspirasyong bloggers. Either natuwa ako sa kanyang paraan ng pagcommunicate o kaya naman, sa layout, o di kaya naman sa kanyang kakaibang mga ideya.

Naaliw ako sa pag-eexplore ng Internet nitong mga huling araw. At mula sa pagssite hopping, nadiscover ko ang ilang magagandang paraan upang bukod sa maging kaaya-aya ang blogging experience natin, ay mabahagi rin natin ang kagandahang ito sa ating mga viewers.

1. magpacontest! (yupp, maraming paraan nga… at inspired by Sir Jorge’s blog, natanto ko ang kahalagahan ng audience impact. Well, not necessarily namang dapat laging aim natin ay ang maaliw ang readers. Pero take note, kung nais nating maging meaningful ang buhay (including ang bloglife), mas okay na rin kung i-aapply ang konseptong ‘the more, the merrier.’ Kumbaga, as we grow into more experienced bloggers, lalabas at lalabas din ang tunay nating personalities. Kasi, attributing oneself into a work of art will definitely bring out the best in such crafts (para bang David’s Salon? 🙂 ).

2. i-express ang sarili – Syempre, ito ang isa sa main purposes ng isang blog, ang ilabas ang saloobin. Kasabay nito, ang pagbblog ay nagsisilbing avenue upang bigyang-diin ang stream of thoughts present sa atin. Pupwedeng nakaimbak na pala ang nais nating ibahagi, ready to be typed na lang. O kaya naman ay iniisip pa natin. Maalin man, ang lahat ng ating ilalagay sa blog ay sumasalamin sa kung sino tayo.

3. Magbigay-pugay sa mga natatanging sites, books, music, etc. – Sa pagbblog, tayo rin ay gumagawa ng tila mga review ng sari-saring paborito natin. Bukod sa mga ito, nagkakaroon din tayo ng pagkakataong magkomento sa mga latest events, trends, news, issues, etc. Kayapanaman, usong-uso ang mga ganitong uring blogs, dahil through them, we get to learn other people’s views on certain ideas.

4. Information pool – Yes, ang blog ay source ng kung anu-anong impormasyon. Kadalasan ngayon, dahil sa high tech na mundo, karamihan ng mga estudyante, kabataan, propesyonal, homemakers, atbp. ay kumukuha ng ideas o nagreresearch sa World Wide Web. Sa kabutihang-palad at dahil sa constant improvement ng blogging tools, pag sinuswerte nga naman, bigla na lang mapupunta ang mga net goers sa ating blogs. Maaaring dulot ito ng ating blogging home (like sa WordPress, may instant access na ang ibang tao dahil sa ‘ping’ access nito) o kaya naman ng ating sariling sikap. Pwede na pala tayong maglog-in sa Google at iregister ang ating site sa kanilang interface. Pronto! May possibility na mapabilang ang site sa online traffic.


Well, hindi lang naman para sa pagpapapansin ang silbi ng ating kinaaaliwang blogs. It is more of putting our hearts into it, seeing to it that we don’t get carried away by the hub of blogging. Making sure that we don’t lose our identities because of the trend that modernization lends into our souls.


On the other hand, as I was stumbling along one of the Stumbleupon sites, may isang site specializing on the mind ang aking natuklasan. Ito ay ang Sa site na ito ni Luciano Passuelo, isang Brazilian, ipinapakita ang magagandang facts, insights, atbp. ukol sa kapangyarihan ng ating utak. Napakasayang isipin, sapagkat dahil sa usaping ito, marami nga pala talagang very interesting things na dapat malaman ng bawat nilalang tungkol sa brain power.

Kaya naman pala ako ay naging super interested sa Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing at ilan pang mga topics related sa mind, personality, emotions, intelligence, behavior — sa kadahilanang ito ang tunay na nilalaman ng puso ko! Naks naman! Yepp, in fact, habang iniisip ko kung ano nga ba ang purpose ko sa buhay, natanto kong isa pala yun sa mga pangarap ko — na sana ay matupad.

Para sa karagdagang impormasyon sa nilalaman ng site, pumunta lamang sa link na nasa itaas. c”,)

An Inspiring Day to You!

15 Apr

Just watched my best friend’s recital yesterday (April 14) at UP. Roxanne, a violinist, rose through the night with her splendid rendition of classical and Filipino obras. She played Chaconne in G Minor, “Melodie” from Souvenir Du’n Lieu Cher, Sonata no. 5 in F Major “Spring”, Habanera Filipino no. 2, and Concerto no. 5 in A Major K. 219 “Turkish”.

Being the musician that she is, Roxanne manifested what it seemed like a child prodigy who has grown up already. At 20, she is now ready to face a brighter world ahead. Wow, I can really imagine us as kids before, hanging out at each other’s house and wondering what life will bring. And now — hmm, what do we have? A soon-to-be virtuoso violinist and mental health professional/writer… c”,)


‘Outliers’ –> As Celine perceives it

Upon reading ‘ Outliers’ ‘ first chapters, I was really exhilarated. But just like the other success books I’ve been reading before, I felt like I don’t want to finish reading at once. I want to take it slow. Y’know, digest the facts, reflect, and hopefully, apply them to my personal life.

These are some of the things that I’ve learned from the Introduction and the first chapter:

  • Being an outlier is being different from the rest.
  • It doesn’t take enough explanations why people grow older enough (say, reaching about 90+). The Rosetans (from Italy), to be exact, according to studies, outlived the others because of their culture. No diet restrictions whatsoever — they just practiced very close family and neighbor ties, mingled with the townsfolk, and basically were happy people from the looks of it.
  • Upon studying the Canadian hockey players’ profiles, it was evident that most of their birth months are ranging from the first quarter months of the year. Thus, it was noted, also through the other successful people’s  profiles, that most of the outliers have their birth months as indicated. But of course, this does not go with everyone. The experts were just pertaining to the majority.

From Potatoes to Presents

13 Apr


Whoa… Matapos managarap na makakain ng mashed potatoes ngayong araw na ito, natupad din ang mithiin kong ito. Thanks to my family *sniff.sniff.* who thought of bringing me home “pasalubongs.”

Kaso, sa gutom ko, though alam ko nang may darating, kumain na rin ako ng Yakiudon. Yumm! Kahit maanghang-anghang, nagalak din naman ang aking panlasa sa linamnam na dulot nito. Yun nga lang, kailangan ng sangkatutak na tubig upang hindi ako mahirinan (mabilaukan).

Masarap… Yummy…

Anyways, sa sobrang galak, di ko rin napigilan – inubos ang isang bowl nito… Ngunit… marahil ay dahil sa kabusugan sa pancit, nang malapit nang maubos ang mashed potatoes, parang nasusuya na ako rito. Whaaa!! Hindi ito maaari.. (sabay tono ni Ate Gay)… Hindiiii!!! Lumalaki na ang aking tiyan. Hindi dahil sa kung anuman ha. Ngunit dahil nga sa pagkabusog, hindi ko inakalang mauumay ako sa mashed potatoes.


Samantala, habang nasa hapag-kainan, biglang tinawag ni mama si Pia (ang aking kapatid) at may ibibigay daw sa akin. Hmmm… Kahit alam ko na naman kung ano yun, syempre, tuwang-tuwa pa rin naman ako.

Ano yun?.. Well, yun kasi yung gusto ko sanang bilhing libro ngayon eh — yung ‘Outliers’ ni Malcolm Gladwell.

According kasi kay Br. Mawel, DLSL school president, nung nagwelcome remarks sya sa clinical grad namin nung Mar 26, maganda raw yun. In fact, shinare nia samin yung tungkol sa ‘10,000 Hours’ principle.

*The 10,000 Hours principle tells us about how earning such number of hours for an endeavor has produced very successful people all across the globe. One of them, Bill Gates, according to him, (as told in the book) sneaked up late at night to produce what we enjoy now as the Microsoft Systems. Several other renowned persons also practiced such. And as guaranteed by the principle, these men and women took top spots in their own leagues.

* Kaya naman todo inspired din ako ngayon eh. Ewan ko ba, medyo nalift ang spirits ko today. Siguro dala na rin ng eagerness na gawing makabuluhan ang buhay ko for the nth time. heheh…

Alay sa Ginisa ni Aaron

13 Apr

Isang blessing para sa blog na ito ang text message ni Aaron Salazar (ehemm.. Aaron..) Inintroduce nia sakin ang kanyang blog na nakita nia sa Facebook ata. At ayun, dun na nagsimula ang lahat…

Ang blog na ito ay unti-unti nang nagkakabuhay… Mabuhay ang mga patatas! (speaking of — isang masigabong palakpakan para sa mga mashed potatoes na aking matatamo malamang mamaya..) heheh!

Anyways, ang malaking improvement na ito ay tila isang blessing din naman. Bukod sa nakakatuwang magkaroon ng mga bagong kaibigan, masaya ring magkaroon ng bagong ideas na makabuluhan.

Para kay Aaron, ang dati kong sports writer — ngayong sports editor na (as of SY 2009 – 2010), thanks..