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November 2009 Nursing board exams results jitters

31 Jan

The Nursing board exams are past some months through now, but with the tension building up right at this very moment due to the anticipation of the results, there are just so much to look out for.

Whenever would the results be posted, I am just so excited and nervous at the same time. It is a combination of butterflies and bees rumbling in my stomach, which all contribute to the feeling of anxiety I have today. The November 2009 Nursing board exams have made me thought about various options too. I am thinking about the possibilities that can occur once the results come. It seems like Bahala Na Si Bro… Everything I have now is the faith and trust that God finds a way. Whatever are His plans, gogogo na lang. But still, I am really hoping that I get to pass.

My family and close colleagues would tell me, “Pasado ka niyan, panigurado. Baka nga top 1 pa!” Ahahaha!!! Well, I do hope so. Being at the top 10 is certainly great, but that’s just a bonus. First, what I look into is passing. Seeing my name on the list of passers shall be enough. But if ever I make it to the top 10, then that would be really a blessing! Let’s just see.

I’m not sure, but from what I’ve heard, the review center we enrolled at will be giving the topnotchers who have made it to the roster a refund of the review fee.

Oh well, that’s certainly a jackpot. Besides making it again at the tarp in school, there will be a chance to make it to my dream job (in line with psychiatry/psychology).

What the results would be? The November 2009 Nursing board results may just be some days or hours away, but pretty sure, the end is near and I am dying to see them.

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