Our Mom, Our Jewel

30 Apr

Every mother may have her own share of promoting goodness in her particular community or family, but with that term ‘every,’ only ONE particular mom is the BEST for her family. We might be different in terms of struggles and victories. We may differ in the values our parents promulgate. But along these differences still lies a remarkable fact: that our mothers definitely are jewels — precious enough to be coined priceless.

My mother is presently a housewife/businesswoman. As she has spent most of her family life taking care of us (four children and our father) and at the same time, finding other ways to help my father earn a living, she makes sure that we’d still be living well: though not that financially up, but still, able to cope with life’s turnings.

At the peak of the economic crisis starting at about the late 1990s, we definitely experienced the turn of the tides. Our family had to find alternative means as to how to recover from my father’s unexpected job loss from Philippine Air Lines then. Being in Grade 3, I enthusiastically tried to help by selling various merchandise to my classmates (stationeries, stickers, pastries, you name it!). My mother encouraged us to use our creativity, as she also helps in the daily expenses through our then ongoing cooking business catering to the young pilots here in FAB.

Even after we stopped cooking for the pilots and even if the economic turmoil rose, she never ceased to develop more strategies just to mold our family’s values. Along with our growth as individuals, she, along with us, grew spiritually. During these times of distress, she didn’t lose hope. Day by day, she would remind us (as well live out her words) that God sees each one’s hearts. Even though we may be down at one point, through hard work, together with many other values, we will soon reach our goals. As long as we stick together as a family, we will definitely make it, I recall her telling us everytime.

No matter what our situation is, what I really admire about my mother is her compassion for the needy. In her simple ways, she never forgets that there are more people who are poorer than us. Thus, whenever we have more than enough of our food, she likes it when we share some to the soldiers guarding the FAB entrance. She would also feel compassion to the beggars along the city — as though they were also her children. In her, I find the inspiration to fight life’s battles.

Another ‘heroic’ plight I encountered in her deeds would be regarding her compassion to the poor in spirit. For along the friendships we have made with various people (for you see, our home has always been a hub of friends — we are always open to friends who would want to visit, just have a chat, etc.), and in those friendships, whenever they would be facing problems (of all sorts), one person they would usually run to is my mother. In fact, these people, as they most likely have discovered a mother in her too, even call her “Mama Dot” (my mother’s nickname).

To them, Mama Dot is a refuge for the ill-hearted. They gather strength each time they share their sentiments with her. She serves as their counselor, second mom, foster mom, friend, sister, whatever the need calls her to be. Definitely, Mama is a mama to whoever dires one.

Indeed, my mother, Mama Dot, is a treasure to us. She is rare! So, to whoever who would ask, “Why is a mother (based on your own mom) considered a gem,” I’ll answer right away, “Because she is all that God means as His gift to man.”

One Response to “Our Mom, Our Jewel”

  1. jennifer lea May 1, 2009 at 5:10 pm #

    what a sweet post.
    i miss my mum.

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