An Inspiring Day to You!

15 Apr

Just watched my best friend’s recital yesterday (April 14) at UP. Roxanne, a violinist, rose through the night with her splendid rendition of classical and Filipino obras. She played Chaconne in G Minor, “Melodie” from Souvenir Du’n Lieu Cher, Sonata no. 5 in F Major “Spring”, Habanera Filipino no. 2, and Concerto no. 5 in A Major K. 219 “Turkish”.

Being the musician that she is, Roxanne manifested what it seemed like a child prodigy who has grown up already. At 20, she is now ready to face a brighter world ahead. Wow, I can really imagine us as kids before, hanging out at each other’s house and wondering what life will bring. And now — hmm, what do we have? A soon-to-be virtuoso violinist and mental health professional/writer… c”,)


‘Outliers’ –> As Celine perceives it

Upon reading ‘ Outliers’ ‘ first chapters, I was really exhilarated. But just like the other success books I’ve been reading before, I felt like I don’t want to finish reading at once. I want to take it slow. Y’know, digest the facts, reflect, and hopefully, apply them to my personal life.

These are some of the things that I’ve learned from the Introduction and the first chapter:

  • Being an outlier is being different from the rest.
  • It doesn’t take enough explanations why people grow older enough (say, reaching about 90+). The Rosetans (from Italy), to be exact, according to studies, outlived the others because of their culture. No diet restrictions whatsoever — they just practiced very close family and neighbor ties, mingled with the townsfolk, and basically were happy people from the looks of it.
  • Upon studying the Canadian hockey players’ profiles, it was evident that most of their birth months are ranging from the first quarter months of the year. Thus, it was noted, also through the other successful people’s  profiles, that most of the outliers have their birth months as indicated. But of course, this does not go with everyone. The experts were just pertaining to the majority.

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