What Now?!…

11 Apr

Such an ordinary day… Though it’s Black Saturday, I feel like there’s a time of mourning. Yes, Jesus already died by this time, and yes again, for I feel kinda sad today.

Not a good time to hide, for everything’s been quite not good lately. I’ll update later for the details, but well, it just seems like sometimes, I just feel like I’m a robot. People tell me to do this, to do that. Of course, I try to prove that I can make things happen on my own, but they still keep on insisting!

Say for example, taking up a course which I don’t like… Hmmm… I don’t wanna fret like a child anymore. But the thing is, I want to stand up on my own now. 9 days to go before my 21st b-day, and guess what?… All I want for my special day is independence and for them to let me do what I think is right or at least something which is not illegal for me to do according to my own freewill.

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