Nursing History & Diseases

11 Apr

Upon the thought of reviewing for the Nursing board exams, I’ve decided to publish what I’m reading from a compilation of review materials on Nursing matters


Abdominal aortic aneurysm                    hypertension / intake of hypertensives

Acute gastroenteritis                                   intake of half cooked egg and meat

Acute glomerulonephritis                         sore throat

AIDS/HIV                                                        blood transfusion

Anemia, iron deficiency                             excessive intake of milk

Bronchogenic cancer                                  exposure to asbestos

Cancer, breast                                                first baby after age 35

Cancer, cervix                                                herpes

Cancer, larynx                                                smoking

Cystic fibrosis                                                 meconium ileus

Cholecystitis                                                    fatty intake intolerance

Cystitis                                                               bubble bath

Hemophilia                                                       bleeding after circumcision

Liver Cirrhosis                                                alcoholism

Lyme’s disease                                                exposure to deer ticks

Lead poisoning                                               living in an old house

Meningitis                                                         pneumonia

Pancreatitis                                                      alcoholism

Pelvic inflammatory disease                     sexually transmitted disease

Polycystic kidney disease                          familial tendency

Rheumatic heart disease                            sore throat

Sterility (female)                                           chlamydiasis

Sterility (male)                                               cystic fibrosis

Ulcerative colitis                                           intolerance to dairy products


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