Blogging in the Classroom Workshop

19 Jul

Here is our ppt presentation: Blogging in the Classroom

Other files (from Using Social Media in the Classroom, by Megan Poore, 2013):BloggingPlan





31 Dec

wayy cool!!!

wayy cool!!!

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Panibagong Simula sa Buhay ng Potato Girl

26 Jun

Napaka-overwhelming ng mga araw na lumipas. Tila ba nananadya ang tadhana at talagang sinusubok ang aming katatagan. NAMIN??!! wHAT the??… sinong namin? ahemmm… usyusera!

Ng aming pamilya… yupp.. Isang talagang napakakahindik-hindik na pangyayari ang sumambulat sa amin kahapon. Di ko na dedetalyehin pero nabibilang na ang aming pananatili sa aming bahay. Yun. Period.

Panu nga ba naman, eh retired na nga naman si Papa, pero kung tutuusin, ang problema eh kasi, hindi continuous ang sistema. Sabi, di raw approved ang appeal namin, giving us only 7 days to vacate. Nam*$&##!! (O, kung anu anu ata iniisip mo? naman yun!)

Biruin mo.. wala man lang konsiderasyon! Kung tutuusin, mga chuchu kasi. Alam mo yun, ginagawa na namin ang lahat para makacope sa buhay, pero ganun pa. Sabagay, hindi lang naman kami ang nagkakaganito. For sure, marami pa dyang iba. Kitams!

So ngayon, ano na ang plano? Eh di magsipag, magsipag, at magsipag. Anu pa nga ba? Ipagpaliban na muna ang happy-happy at magfocus sa kung ano ang priorities. Mahirap bang intindihin yun? Di ko alam sa’yo.

Kung ako ang tatanungin, madali lang naman eh. Ang SOLUSYON: PERA.

Oo, hindi nga importante sa kaluluwa ang pera, pero pano tatakbo ang mundo kung wala nito? Ang mga tao ngayon, ang focus ay pera. Kelangang makiride. Kung hindi talo ka. Ang labanan na lang, kung tatagal ka. Kung masisikmura mong ipakain sa pamilya mo ang mga nakaw na yaman. Kami, hindi eh. Hindi nagnakaw si Papa. Yun lang yun. Kung nagnakaw siya, e di siguro general na sya ngayon at kami ay hindi namumuhay nang ganito, parang mga dagang pinapaalis sa lungga.

Well, wish us luck. Kung makapagsulat pa uli ako after 7 days, ibig sabihin nahabag ang mga mokong. wahaha!

P.S. Hindi kami dapat kaawaan. ito ay isang realidad lamang na dapat makita ng gobyerno — na kung hindi babaguhin ang sistema, hindi aasenso ang puro middle class sa Pilipinas.

P.P.S. At para sa mga walang magawa kundi manisi, itigil nio na yan. Hindi ngayon ang panahon para manisi at bumalik sa nakaraan. Bumangon at piliting magpakatao. May mga bagay na hindi inaasahan. Kung isasarado ang utak sa akala mong tama, hindi uunlad.

November 2009 Nursing board exams results jitters

31 Jan

The Nursing board exams are past some months through now, but with the tension building up right at this very moment due to the anticipation of the results, there are just so much to look out for.

Whenever would the results be posted, I am just so excited and nervous at the same time. It is a combination of butterflies and bees rumbling in my stomach, which all contribute to the feeling of anxiety I have today. The November 2009 Nursing board exams have made me thought about various options too. I am thinking about the possibilities that can occur once the results come. It seems like Bahala Na Si Bro… Everything I have now is the faith and trust that God finds a way. Whatever are His plans, gogogo na lang. But still, I am really hoping that I get to pass.

My family and close colleagues would tell me, “Pasado ka niyan, panigurado. Baka nga top 1 pa!” Ahahaha!!! Well, I do hope so. Being at the top 10 is certainly great, but that’s just a bonus. First, what I look into is passing. Seeing my name on the list of passers shall be enough. But if ever I make it to the top 10, then that would be really a blessing! Let’s just see.

I’m not sure, but from what I’ve heard, the review center we enrolled at will be giving the topnotchers who have made it to the roster a refund of the review fee.

Oh well, that’s certainly a jackpot. Besides making it again at the tarp in school, there will be a chance to make it to my dream job (in line with psychiatry/psychology).

What the results would be? The November 2009 Nursing board results may just be some days or hours away, but pretty sure, the end is near and I am dying to see them.

For the results and more info, also see

Wanted: Happy People

18 Dec

Wanted: Happy People

The yuletide season brings along a jittery feeling of being in a rush. Most of the time, people hustle and bustle along the malls, hurrying to catch up with the latest sales and 75% offs available. There seems to be a mass smoke everywhere, as if pollution has covered every corner of the street. Cars rustle to and fro and drivers feel tired after. This is just how life is every time Christmas arrives, I think – or perhaps this is just how it is in our place.

Perhaps I am just down today, brought by the various factors that affect my insanity today. Forgive me for the term, but I am not literally insane (I think). It just so happens that I am so affected by the family matters in here.

Mother and father screams at the top of their lungs because of various problems. Financial dilemmas bring us into so much hell today. Okay, I get it. Every family has its own problem, but coming to think of it, money is not the ultimate source of happiness. I know it is hard for my parents to arrive at solutions to meet our everyday needs, so by this time, I feel like it is a major confusion for the people around me. Now and then I see mom complaining that her hands are stiff and painful. They talk about the legal matters faced by our relatives. Mom rambles on and on that she is the blah, blah, blah… Okay, you must be quite weary about how I think about my parents.

To clear things up, well, I really love my family – no doubt about that, but it just so happens that the tension is really at its peak this time that I feel like they need to have a heads up, to try to relax, to stop, and watch what they feel… which brings me to the thought: where are the happy people today?

Happiness is just around the corner. Happiness is inside us. Everyone has a grasp of happiness within him. We are just too occupied with the thought that we are sad that we forget the instinct of being happy. I am no professional psychologist/Ph.D. to recommend to you my philosophical insights about being happy, but as a human being who is capable of releasing my inner musings on this universal topic, let me recommend to you some tips I believe are helpful to unleash the happiness in you, especially this Christmas season.

  • Find time to relax (even just a bit).

Yes, even just a simple five-minute form of relaxation will be very helpful for you to gain insight into your own peace of mind. Do not think that you are becoming lazy in doing this. In fact, by doing this you will be giving enough for yourself to de-stress. In turn, you too will be praising yourself since you gave yourself a chance to be calm and be energized to face the life ahead.

  • Do what you want to do.

Happiness is about finding your own source of joy, something (may or may not be material) which will really let you feel like you’re on top of the world and that no one can take that world away from you.

As you try to determine what makes you happy, again, try to squeeze out that juice of inner pleasure in you. Think about what makes you tick. Are you happy in giving your services to the poor children out there? Are you happy in singing your heart out in front of the videoke? Or perhaps you are happy just by spending time with your hubby? You are your own boss when it comes to happiness. Remember that. Even your family can’t dictate you as to what your real happiness is. Mind you, I am not telling that your family cannot be your source of happiness, but in this light, only you can find that certain “bluebird of happiness.”

  • Spread happiness around you.

Happiness is contagious. I thus remember an encounter I’ve had with my close friend this morning. The truth is, this experience is the opposite of what I am trying to arrive at in this conversation.

I texted my friend “Good morning! Enoy your day!” In reply, he told me not to greet him anymore with anything containing the term “good.” In dismay, upon learning that he does not want to be greeted as such anymore, I just shrugged my shoulders and well, though sad, said, “Okay.”

Saddening, but I have to accept that some people are just plain grinches this Christmas. I thus think about how he used to be so bubbly and nice to be with before, but because of a certain experience he had been into before, he suddenly turned into a sad being lately. It might be because of the Christmas effect (that stereotype that Christmas is a happy season), and so I reflect further and think about how Christmas can really be the happiest season of all – despite everyday’s struggles.

Metanoia through PBB

20 Oct

Watching Pinoy Big Brother Double Up certainly is a part of my everyday routine. Come 10pm, I make sure that I am free and just in tune with the show. True enough, watching it makes me realize lots of human values and tendencies. Being an aspiring professional in the field of psychology/psychiatry (even though I graduated from Nursing), I see the reasons why Big Bro lets the hoursemates do some stuffs.

In comparison to a housemate, I think Carol is more like me. During her stint at House B, I feel like I’m on her shoes, though I want her to be really strong and to fight for what she thinks is right.

I really hate those back-stabbing housemates. They keep on telling each other bad things about another housemate, when in fact, they should try to consider their own personalities before doing so. Or if they really want to make things better, it should be proper but to confront that housemate.

Also, upon watching tonight’s episode, when I saw how welcomed Carol was at House A, I just wish that she would stay there for the rest of the show. She will be better off if she was there. The housemates at House A see her for who she really is, not judging her by mere seeing what she does not do.

In fact, I wish Kuya would read my blog and see how I get affected by the show, to the fact that I try to reflect every night with regards what I watch.

In reality, we all have personalities that we need to enhance. I understand that we are unique in every single way. But if we will be looking at how one wins in this game called Life, I guess one of the things that considers us victorious is through a fruitful change that only comes from genuine metanoia or “change of heart.”

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11 Aug

Earn thru this e-book – Tuesday, August 11, 2009

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